11 July 2016

Unexpected Photo Dump #2

Yikes, it's time to dust off the old blog. My goal was to post monthly, and I'm disappointed to see that I couldn't even do it for one lousy year. Anyway, here are some more notable higher quality photos from the last six months or so. Like last time, they're organized by how far I had to go from my room to take them, and include such locations as Downstairs, Surya Boarding School, Tumlingtar, Chainpur, Itahari, Bhaktapur, Kathmandu, and Boulder, Colorado (upon Mr. Kitty's request). I've also standardized my formatting in past posts (hard to do on a smartphone with very slow WiFi), and even removed a few grammatical errors (gasp!) from past entries. Fate's Clay has a couple regular readers (or perhaps, by now, even several!), so sorry for the delay. More written material will follow soon...

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